-Describe 2-3 important examples of humans using media. 
Cavepeople drawing pictures on the cave walls.
Directors beginning to make motion pictures.

-When were some times of transition or upheaval with regards to using these media? 
At first there were only writings and drawings made by hand, until there was the transition into printed media like the newspaper, as well as photography of still images. Then audial communication came about later with the telegraph which transitioned into the telephone and later the radio. Now we have cellphones which is a giant transition from the telegraph. Still images transitioned into Motion pictures and caused films to be made.  After the radio and motion pictures had come out, the transition into the homes came about with the Television. Then came the big transition of all the previous medias combined, the computer and the internet.  The television and computer also brought up the media of video games. From there everything has become faster, better, easier, portable, etc.

-How is digital media like media of the past? How is it different? 
Digital media is nearly identical to the media of the past. Digital media has just taken the medias of the past, combined them and made it easier to access and share them. The end results of digital media is just a slightly more advanced version of the end results of the media of the past. The big difference is how it gets to the end result. Photography of the past used silver, light exposure, and some chemicals to replicate the image being taken. Now a days we use digital cameras which use sensors to tell what color the pixels on a screen need to be to replicate the image being taken.

-What are the implications of digital media for your life and your future?
I use my computer everyday and when I'm on my computer I do things like watch videos, make videos, play video games, listen to songs, communicate with my friends, etc. So digital media has become a big part of my life and I can only see it growing in my future.