-What is balance as it is applied to design?

The point of focus in the work and the arrangement of the weighted elements around it.

-What is the point of focus?

The part of the work that the eye is attracted to because it draws the most attention.

-What is the rule of thirds?

Splitting the work into thirds and giving each section equal visual weight so it has balance.

-What is the golden spiral?

Splitting the work into a third and then splitting the third into a third and so on. If you draw a line connecting the rectangles it would make an implied spiraled line that balances the work.

-When using color, how can an element be given more visual weight?

By making it more bright and vivid compared to the other elements, bringing attention to itself.

-How can implied motion affect balance?

If a car was moving, you would need to have room for it to move into on the work in order to bring balance. If it were a still car with the same shot taken, it would be unbalanced. The mind perceives the moving car in both places and balances the work.