The film, Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock, starts out with background on Teri and her situation. You get to know her and you already starting to feel for her. The filmmaker uses compassion and the plain folks technique to make Teri seem like the main character on the “good side”. Throughout the story you get to know Teri’s personality and it personally resonated with me because I liked her attitude. Later Pollock’s personality is talked about and it is very similar to Teri’s personality. They are told differently though because Teri is in the film, while Pollock is only talked about and his artwork is shown to represent him.

As the film progresses you meet new people, including her son, some high-up art critics, a forensics investigator in art, and a guy who went to prison for fraud. Their names are all unmemorable, but they each play a role in the storytelling. The filmmaker swap between people who are on Teri’s side and people who think its just a fake. It makes you wonder if it really is, because points are being made back and forth. Personally though I thought the art critics were some of the biggest bigots I have ever seen. Even if the ghost of Pollock came to them and said that it was a true painting, they still wouldn’t believe. Because of this I saw them as being the “bad guys” because they gave Teri a hard time.

The end question of whether it is an actual Pollock or not is an easy answer for me. I believe it is. The forensics behind it, the style, and the story all seem to add up in a believable way. I think the story telling leaned in that direction though, because they didn’t give any non-believers the chance to give an in depth reasoning behind their claims. Overall it was a well made film about an interesting event and a very interesting and entertaining lady.