From what I heard in class, the episode “Mr Daisey and the Apple Factory” is about an Apple fanatic that found pictures online of the factories that make the Apple hardware. That made him begin to wonder what it is really like working in a factory like that and where all these things are being made. He talks about how everybody knows that the stuff the buy comes from “China”, but that’s not specifically where its made. I believe Shenzhen is the place he talks about the most as being the place where our “crap” is made. He investigates more by traveling to China, and thats as far as I got.

I was surprised that there are specific places in China which are almost entirely factories. Overall I didn’t really enjoy the podcast. It had good production value, but the content was uninteresting and non-humorous to me. I listen to many weekly or monthly podcasts and hear about a couple hundred hours worth of them a year. The american life does a great job of adding music to give a specific mood to go along with the storytelling. But the entertainment value of podcasts are mostly about the content that comes from the people on them, not special effects.

Apparently I am going to have to make a podcast of my own in the future, but I don’t see that going so well. Personality and good story telling brings life to a podcast, which is something I am not inherently fit for. I have definitely learned more from other podcasts, that I enjoy, then TAL though.