I listened to Radio Lab’s Parasite themed podcast. It was all about the goods, bads, and far outs of parasites. They had a couple of different professionals to talk about parasites or tell a story that made it very interesting. I’m interested in science so I enjoyed learning about parasites and what they do to survive. I was reallllly interested when they talked about how outhouses came to be because of the problem with hookworms in the South. Also about how hookworms helped a guy lose his allergic reactions. Its crazy that something that was affecting people negatively can affect someone else positively if they know what they are doing. I thought this podcast was much more listenable then This American Life. The hosts were easier to listen to for me and the topic was far more interesting. I still don’t think it was perfect, because once again I think they overdid it with the effects. They definitely added in some that made it better, quiet background music or sound effects were good, but they also had some that got too loud and distracting or that were just unneeded that detracted from the quality.