My very own country… Well first of all I would declare myself King, but have no true government. The only power I would have would be the power to banish anyone I deem unworthy of being in my country. The only set laws are no females allowed and you have to wear shorts all year long. These laws are crazy and weird, but that is what I am so I go with it. So with that, the theme of my country’s symbols is going to be obscure stuff that defines what I like and who I am I guess. Going to use a common symbol of a King’s crown and color scheme of purple, black, and other cool colors to complement the purple with a cool, relaxed feel but dark and night time esque.

I have some ideas for these, but I apparently don’t understand rough draft because I am just going for the final vision in my head without drawing it out crappily.

Here is what I have for a ‘100 dollar bill’ which in my country is called ‘100 Akayz’. I plan to have a similiar theme with the other stuff