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IR Analyzing a scene

0:00-0:13 Establishing shot with a dolly

0:13-0:18 Medium shot

0:18-0:19 Medium close up (reverse)

0:19-0:26 Medium shot, camera movement to Medium close up (reverse)

0:26-0:31 Medium close up (reverse)

0:31-0:45 Medium close up (reverse)

0:45-0:49 Medium close up (reverse)

0:49-1:13 Medium close up (reverse)

1:13-1:14 Medium close up (reverse)

1:14-2:05 Medium close up, slow zoom to Close up (reverse)

2:05-2:09 Reaction shot, Medium close up (reverse)

2:09-2:20 Close up (reverse)

2:20-2:28 Wide shot

2:28-2:32 Close up, Reaction Shot

2:32-2:37 Cutaway shot

16 Shots in 2:37, which is about 10 seconds per shot

One of my favorite scenes, and the average seconds per shot in it were quite high compared to other films, but I expected that, especially with the big monologue by Morgan Freeman.


IR Types of Shots


Wide Shot

Medium Shot

Medium Close Up

Close Up

Extreme Close Up

Over the Shoulder

Reaction/Reverse Shot

Dutch Angle

Can’t find example yet.

Dolly (very beginning of video):

Pan (very beginning of video):


Can’t find example yet.