This week I learned about Networking hardware and the OSI Model.

A lot of the terms that were talked about in the Networking hardware lecture I had already heard of or even knew, but overall I learned a lot and had it put all together. Combined with the OSI Model lecture I got a grasp of the different levels of Networking and what each level is about.

At the bottom there is the physical layer, where devices like repeaters and hubs send data in bits. This layer has no intelligence to it. The next layer has some intelligence where it figures out who the data is going to after an initial confirmation, and only sends it to that intended person from there on out. This layer is the Data Link layer where there are devices such as bridges and switches which have collision prevention. The next layer is even more intelligent, that being the Network layer. Here is where the router is placed, the common device used in homes. The data protocol for the routers are packets, which I have heard of before when I’ve tested my internet’s reliability and figured out there was a packet loss issue. The fourth layer is the Transport layer that acknowledges delivery. The last three are sort of grouped together; session, presentation, and application. This is where network aware programs are like HTTP and email.