Ian Reese
Lab 2: Network Cables

Objectives: Make a straight-through cable and crossover cable as well as wire a patch panel.

Equipment List: 3 foot length CAT5 UTP, RJ-45 connectors, Patch panel,  Wire Stripper, Punch down tool, Scissors, and Crimping tool

Notes and Observations: I thought this lab was really straight forward and going to be simple, but I was surprised to find the amount of skill and attention to detail that was required. It can be difficult to correctly cut the wires so they all are at the same length when they are put into the connector.

Conclusions: Even though I couldn’t fully get my cable to work I was capable of realizing my mistake and learn from it for the next attempt. If I had enough time to try it for a third time I would expect myself to be successful. As for the patch panel, I found it a cinch.