Ian Reese
Lab 4: IP Networking
Partner: Jon

Objectives: Our objective was to create a simple class “C” Network and the configure a router so our class “C” could communicate with a class “B” that another group were doing. Unfortunately we didn’t have the equipment to configure the router so we had to watch our instructor just demonstrate how you would configure a router.

Notes and Observations: The part that we were able to do was fairly simple, but we did run into one bump. That being that you need to completely close out of Local Area Connection Status window in order for manual IP configurations to come into effect. The amount of things that went wrong for the second part was quite notable. The upgraded computers ended up not having the connector that was needed as well as needing to download software to finally get a communication going between the input on the computer and the router. I think after getting hands on experience with configuring a router I will get a better understanding and find it quite easy, but for now I just have a rough understanding.

Conclusions: We managed to ping one another in the command window successfully. Technology can be a real pain.