Ian Reese
Lab 7: Subnetting

Objectives: Get a working network set up with subnets.

Notes and Observations:

We used 3 routers for this lab so we used 3 bits to be used for the subnet because we wanted room for additional routers. Since our IP was, we were using a class B network. So since we wanted 3 bits borrowed and were using a class B network, our mask was We had 4 subnetworks which we gave the ip of,,, and Once we worked those out we laid out what the ips were going to be for each device. We successfully mapped out a plan for our network, so then we began configuring our routers appropriately. We had some issues with one of the computers configuring the routers so we ended up only configuring one router total.

Questions: No questions were asked on this week’s lab.

Conclusions: Even though we didn’t completely set up the network, we learnt how to configure routers to the map that was created before hand.