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Net 1 Blog 2

This week I learned about Networking hardware and the OSI Model.

A lot of the terms that were talked about in the Networking hardware lecture I had already heard of or even knew, but overall I learned a lot and had it put all together. Combined with the OSI Model lecture I got a grasp of the different levels of Networking and what each level is about.

At the bottom there is the physical layer, where devices like repeaters and hubs send data in bits. This layer has no intelligence to it. The next layer has some intelligence where it figures out who the data is going to after an initial confirmation, and only sends it to that intended person from there on out. This layer is the Data Link layer where there are devices such as bridges and switches which have collision prevention. The next layer is even more intelligent, that being the Network layer. Here is where the router is placed, the common device used in homes. The data protocol for the routers are packets, which I have heard of before when I’ve tested my internet’s reliability and figured out there was a packet loss issue. The fourth layer is the Transport layer that acknowledges delivery. The last three are sort of grouped together; session, presentation, and application. This is where network aware programs are like HTTP and email.


Net 1 Blog 1

This week we learned about Networking and Electricity. I enjoy physics, so I already knew a lot of the information over electricity. It did refresh my memory on them and I learnt a few new things, like that resistance is measured in Ohms.

As for Networking I did learn a lot more, like the different set ups there can be and the advantages/disadvantages. I’ve messed with different protocols before, but never really understood what they were all about until this week.

My contributions for this week were adding to my assigned page on the Wiki. I plan to expand on it some more later.

Ian Reese
Lab 1: Setting up a homepage

Make a webpage to prepare for the lab reports and blogs we will be doing, contribute to the Networking Wiki, and join the Diigo group.

I already had this homepage made, so that part was easy. I added some notes to my assigned topic of “What is Networking”. And finally I joined the Diigo group just like I had the Digital Media Diigo group. I’m assuming this is good enough for this intro Lab we had, it just seemed like setting everything up.

IR Analyzing a scene

0:00-0:13 Establishing shot with a dolly

0:13-0:18 Medium shot

0:18-0:19 Medium close up (reverse)

0:19-0:26 Medium shot, camera movement to Medium close up (reverse)

0:26-0:31 Medium close up (reverse)

0:31-0:45 Medium close up (reverse)

0:45-0:49 Medium close up (reverse)

0:49-1:13 Medium close up (reverse)

1:13-1:14 Medium close up (reverse)

1:14-2:05 Medium close up, slow zoom to Close up (reverse)

2:05-2:09 Reaction shot, Medium close up (reverse)

2:09-2:20 Close up (reverse)

2:20-2:28 Wide shot

2:28-2:32 Close up, Reaction Shot

2:32-2:37 Cutaway shot

16 Shots in 2:37, which is about 10 seconds per shot

One of my favorite scenes, and the average seconds per shot in it were quite high compared to other films, but I expected that, especially with the big monologue by Morgan Freeman.

IR Types of Shots


Wide Shot

Medium Shot

Medium Close Up

Close Up

Extreme Close Up

Over the Shoulder

Reaction/Reverse Shot

Dutch Angle

Can’t find example yet.

Dolly (very beginning of video):

Pan (very beginning of video):


Can’t find example yet.

I took this children’s book and mashed it up with the game League of Legends to get this:

IR Country Final Update


100 akayz (currency)


IR Comments 4 Kids

I’m pretty cynical so I have a lot negative things to say about all of this, but I’ll try to limit it. First off, man oh man I really don’t like kids. I had a hard time finding blogs to post positive things on. It was really annoying seeing almost every blog have some sort of adopted pet plug in on their website. Visiting a blog and immediately being greeted by loud and annoying sounds that I couldn’t easily control was an automatic dis-qualifier. I know they are just kids but I have no tolerance for headache inducing stuff when I am trying to make an effort to do something nice/helpful. I really just don’t see any point in commenting on kid’s blogs, even if you are trying to be motivational to them.

After sifting through the unbearable, nonexistent, and ones in a foreign language, here are some I felt deserved some encouragement:

(I picked these because they made me laugh)

IR TAL Retraction

-I am working on getting this done, but I strongly dislike this podcast so it is hard getting it finished-

This week’s This American Life is unlike any other they have ever produced. It is a retraction of the earlier story Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory.

Listen to it, reflect on it, and write about it. Are you angry about this new information are learning? If so, why and with whom? If not, why not?

What are the implications of a major media outlet like This American Life being forced to retract an earlier story? How does this square with living life in the digital age?

Write your response on your website or blog and submit the URL to that post here.

Also, visit 3 blogs of your classmates. Leave a good comment for them about this assignment. Tell me which blogs you commented on in this assignment as well.

My very own country… Well first of all I would declare myself King, but have no true government. The only power I would have would be the power to banish anyone I deem unworthy of being in my country. The only set laws are no females allowed and you have to wear shorts all year long. These laws are crazy and weird, but that is what I am so I go with it. So with that, the theme of my country’s symbols is going to be obscure stuff that defines what I like and who I am I guess. Going to use a common symbol of a King’s crown and color scheme of purple, black, and other cool colors to complement the purple with a cool, relaxed feel but dark and night time esque.

I have some ideas for these, but I apparently don’t understand rough draft because I am just going for the final vision in my head without drawing it out crappily.

Here is what I have for a ‘100 dollar bill’ which in my country is called ‘100 Akayz’. I plan to have a similiar theme with the other stuff